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Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

Aromatic and filled with flavour, herbal teas are garnering popularity all over the world for its amazing and diverse health benefits. Why is it becoming the go to cuppa for the health conscious? It’s a caffeine free infusion comprising ingredients that is not only filled with potent goodness, but that tastes great too! Despite the name, ‘herbal teas’ the reason why it’s caffeine free in the first place is because it’s not actually made from the tea plant! Instead, they are made by steeping herbs, flowers, roots and other natural ingredients. While there are many health benefits out there, we’ve decided to elucidate on some of its popular uses.

Herbal Tea for Sleep

Every one of us has had moments staring at the ceiling wishing we could fall asleep sooner! We’ve got a good and fragrant solution, Pure Chamomile! This is an aromatic combination of flowers that simply acts as a natural sedative with its soothing flowery and apple aromas to relax the mind and body – making it the ideal nightcap.

Looking for the perfect Pure Chamomile Tea to help with your sleep? Try The T-Series Pure Chamomile Flowers, Leaf Bags from Dilmah. 


Herbal Tea for Weight Loss

While tea in general helps maintain one’s weight, limited research has found that herbal teas may help reduce weight and increase fat loss. This finding, although limited in stats, have been found true with many herbal teas despite their ingredients and combination – which makes stocking up different herbal teas worth it! 


Herbal Tea for Pregnancy

Rooibos has been found to be great for pregnant mothers, however there still seems to be confusion over drinking herbal tea. One of the main reasons is because many are concerned about the possibility of caffeine passing through the placenta when consuming it. However, busting one myth at time, the EFSA report has found that only very high doses of caffeine, which could not be achieved by consuming tea, could have an effect on the foetus. And yet, as a precaution, they have recommended a daily caffeine intake to 200 mg (four cups of tea) per day during pregnancy. With rooibos infusions containing zero tea, herbal teas truly make the best cuppa during pregnancy. As to which one is best, truly depends on one’s mood as there are many herbal tea types to accommodate each emotion depending on the ingredients that have been combined.  

Herbal Tea for Anxiety


Once again Pure Chamomile can help you unwind but as mentioned earlier, we recommend it’s best consumed before bedtime. During the day, Peppermint works best as it helps loosen up one’s muscles due to its minty nature and encourages the body and mind to stay calm on a stressful day. Shop online for our t-Series Pure Peppermint Leaves tea bags to help you relax and unwind!

Overall, Herbal Teas offer goodness like no other beverage, simply because each ingredient combined has its own goodness and flavour that can contribute to one’s health in diverse aspects and is caffeine free too! 

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