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Health Benefits of Decaffeinated Tea

Health Benefits of Decaffeinated Tea

Believe it or not – the health benefits of decaffeinated tea are just as good as the benefits of regular tea under one condition, your tea must be fresh, even after its decaffeination process. It is now a common fact that to make the most of Decaffeinated tea’s benefits, tea must be decaffeinated through a natural process. This can be achieved by using Liquid Carbon Dioxide for instance.

The removal of caffeine means the energy you may have been able to gain from a regular cup of tea is less. It’s because the caffeine which stimulates your central nervous system to help you feel alert is absent. Yet, what’s still abundant in fresh tea are antioxidants. Flavonoids in tea is what stores all the health benefits that tea can contain. Improper methods of storing tea could deplete its health benefits and therefore proper storing is essential – while tea packed fresh is mandatory if you’re to benefit from a cuppa.

How is decaffeinated tea good for your health?

Apart from caffeine, every other compound in tea is present. From L-theanine to help you feel relaxed, and polyphenolic compounds to help keep your body immune from disease. This cuppa can still help prevent your body falling victim to degenerative diseases, including heart attacks, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

How to make the most of its benefits?

Simply drink more tea. Regular consumption of tea is important to obtain a regular supply of polyphenols. Hence, Tea Scientists recommend the consumption of four cups per day as adequate to obtain its beneficial effects.

Why drink decaffeinated tea at all?

If all you’ve been craving is a hot cup of comfort that still allows you to sleep – this, is it! It is the ideal cuppa before you nap because you can still ensure a good night or afternoon’s rest without affecting your sleep schedule. Dilmah’s Decaffeinated Tea Bundle provides you with a teapot and cup to make your tea experience more special.

Is decaffeinated tea completely free of Caffeine?

The FDA states that Decaf tea does contain small amounts of caffeine, and therefore advises individuals sensitive to stimulants to caffeine-free herbal infusions instead or to simply avoid drinking tea before bedtime.

When looking for the best decaf loose-leaf tea or best decaf tea bags what matters once again is how the tea is made. Dilmah Decaffeinated Tea guarantees freshness and quality, ensuring you make the most of tea’s goodness that also tastes delicious!

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