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Health Benefits of Ceylon Black Tea

Health Benefits of Ceylon Black Tea

Sri Lanka is home to beautiful beaches, stunning wildlife, centuries of culture…and Ceylon black tea!

In addition to being delicious, there are several health benefits from your daily cuppa. Here are some of the best reasons to start a tea-habit – if you haven’t already!

Ceylon black tea strengthens your immune system

Your body is your temple, and you need it to work at its best to feel your best. Ceylon tea is great for boosting your immune system in the fight against bacteria that cause colds, coughs or the flu. A single cup per day contains enough antioxidants to protect you from infections and improve your body’s overall response time against pathogens or foreign bodies.

Ceylon black tea protects your heart

It can’t prevent heartbreak, but Ceylon black tea could potentially save your heart from other pains. Potassium is very important for heart health, as it helps to steady your blood pressure by relieving tension from your body’s cardiovascular system. This in turn reduces the amount of strain on your heart, which could alleviate your risk of heart attacks. Make sure to pair your morning tea with potassium-rich food like bananas in order to ensure that your heart is operating at its peak condition.

Ceylon black tea helps you lose weight

Ceylon black tea acts as a double-threat to weight loss: it comes with almost zero calories, and it boosts your metabolism to help burn the calories that you consume. The weight loss industry is filled with promises of lightning-fast results and miracle supplements, but these are tricky issues to navigate when playing with your health. Opt for a safe and delicious Ceylon black tea to lose weight at a steady, healthy pace that ensures those extra pounds don’t creep back down the line.

Remember to try and take your tea without any sugar or milk, as this adds to the calorie count. If you need a sweetener, try adding a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar. The antioxidants found in Ceylon black tea are full of metabolism-boosting compounds that help burn body fat, so even if the only change you make to your lifestyle is drinking tea, you’ll still lose more weight than you did before.

Ceylon black tea keeps your skin young

Skin care is relevant to all ages, male or female, but not everyone has the time or money to invest in it. Ceylon black tea is an easy solution to help maintain your skin’s healthy glow. The collagen that is naturally present in skin tends to reduce with age due to the oxidative stress in surrounding cells. The antioxidants in Ceylon black tea have been linked to retaining the collagen that your skin would otherwise lose by fighting this oxidative stress, and this in turn keeps skin tight and prevents the formation of wrinkles and other blemishes. In other words, drinking Ceylon black tea fights the effects of aging by helping to keep your skin looking clear and young.

Ceylon black tea regulates your blood sugar

Research shows that drinking Ceylon black tea regulates blood sugar, which makes it an excellent choice of drink for those who have diabetes. It can help to manage unexpected spikes or drops in glucose levels. In fact, research shows that tea drinkers show a reduced tendency to develop diabetes.

Ceylon black tea helps prevent the development of cancer

Ceylon black tea benefits health in many ways, but perhaps one of the most noteworthy is its cancer-fighting properties. Antioxidants present in the tea fight free radicals in your body that damage your DNA, and so helps to eliminate dangerous cancerous cells. While tea cannot be the only weapon in your arsenal against developing cancer, it has been found to help minimize the risk.

Ceylon black tea prevents kidney stones

Studies show that the caffeine and antioxidants present in Ceylon black tea can help in the prevention and treatment of kidney stones. Kidney stones are incredibly painful to deal with, and you should ensure that you seek immediate medical attention if you believe that you have them. However, Ceylon black tea has shown evidence of decreasing your risk of developing them altogether, and can assist by breaking down the kidney stones to allow them to pass out of your system naturally too.

Ceylon black tea boosts your energy

Like coffee, tea contains caffeine, albeit in smaller amounts. The caffeine in tea is more than enough to give your body an energy boost without overloading it the way coffee does. Drinking Ceylon black tea increases your brain’s ability to focus and enhances your mental alertness, which in turn encourages you to keep your body active. In addition to the caffeine, the tea-leaves themselves are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals that work in your body’s favor. Ceylon black tea contains more caffeine than green or white tea, so drinking between two to three cups of tea daily will ensure that your body’s energy levels are kept up throughout the day and will help you work at your optimum level

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