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5 teas to reduce stress and anxiety

5 teas to reduce stress and anxiety

Sri Lanka is home to one of the world’s finest teas known as Ceylon Tea. Introduced to the land during the British colonial rule, the centuries-old tea industry of Ceylon has won the hearts of tea consumers across the globe.

This rich and unique brew unparallel in taste and range, serves as way more than a delicious afternoon beverage. Variants of tea are being celebrated the world over for the abundance of health benefits it offers. 

Throughout history, various blends of tea derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, together with other herbal infusions, have been used for treating various ailments, from aiding digestion to calming your nerves leading to relief from stress and anxiety.

How does tea help with stress and anxiety?

The natural ability of tea to reduce stress and anxiety is related to the presence of an amino acid named L-theanine. L-theanine compounds are responsible for the production of chemicals that calm the mind. This leads to increased focused levels on other daily tasks.

Our expert tea specialists have produced these delicious brews by blending the healing qualities of various herbs and spices from ancient ayurvedic recipes that have stood the test of time. Learn more about the delightful effects of tea on our overall health here.

5 teas you must try to relieve stress and anxiety

Ginger Fun Flavoured Tea

This is an authentic Ceylon black tea sourced from high grown Camellia sinensis in the luscious central hills of Sri Lanka. We have blended this aromatic tea with carefully selected and manually processed, natural spicy ginger. A combination that seems so simple, yet the mere aroma of a freshly brewed cup is enough to soothe the body and mind. 

The calming tea encompasses all the benefits of the naturally warming ginger spice together with that of black tea, all in one cup.

Arana Awake

Experience a unique herbal tea from Dilmah’s Arana selection. Arana, meaning ‘deep forests’ is a specialist range of teas that combine Ceylon tea with native spices and herbs that have been in use in the traditional medicines of Sri Lanka throughout the last 3000 years.

‘Arana Awake’ presents an energising brew of fresh Ceylon green tea with peppermint, cloves and ashwagandha; an ancient ayurvedic herb used for centuries to reduce stress and anxiety whilst boosting brain function.

The anti-bacterial properties of clove help promote oral health, while peppermint is excellent in regulating the digestive system.

Organic Ceylon Spice Chai Tea

We present this sweet and spicy brew which is made by infusing aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and black peppercorns with specially selected Ceylon black tea. Legend says that a king wanted to blend his Ayurvedic elixir made of spices with the flavour of the tea, thereby giving birth to the ‘chai’ we appreciate today.

The Indian word ‘chai’ and the Chinese term ‘char’ both mean tea. We can generate numerous concoctions for chai or char, depending on the ratio of spices infused. Our Ceylon Spice Chai is a unique blend of these in ayurvedic traditions, producing a relaxing tea that revitalizes the body and mind. 

Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers

A floral tea that combines Jasmine petals and green tea to offer a refreshingly soothing brew that can calm your spirit. 

Jasmine tea was one of the most popular beverages during the Chinese Southern Song Dynasty, and is extremely popular due to its delicate, palate-cleansing attributes even today. Additionally, the floral Jasmine fragrance works wonders in calming your nerves and is hence a natural destressing agent. 

Green Rooibos, Ginger & Peppermint Infusion

Dilmah offers this rich and fragrant infusion of authentic Sri Lankan herbs and spices renowned for the calming, de-stressing and detoxifying effects they produce. Green rooibos is filled with antioxidants and is also eminent for improving heart health. Additionally, the ginger and peppermint components provide an excellent combo for aiding digestion in addition to uplifting your spirit. 

You can enjoy this refreshing caffeine-free infusion hot or cold at any time of day. This herbal infusion is the ideal brew for anxiety-prone folks who should lay off the caffeine.
Ingredients in herbal infusions and floral teas are not only caffeine-free, they provide an abundance of other health benefits. For instance, floral teas the likes of Chamomile tea has been enjoyed by Europeans as a gentle and relaxing herb for centuries.

Browse through Dilmah’s specialist selection of floral teas and infusions in their ‘Calm’ category to find more amazing brews that can aid your sleep and calm your body.

Likewise, explore the phenomenal collection of teas and infusions within our ‘Destress’ category that are packed with herbal goodies proven to provide muscle relaxation properties and easing of tension that enables you to calm your anxious jitters in order to destress completely.

Dilmah tea offers a selection of the best calming tea for anxiety in UK.

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