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The Art of Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

The Art of Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

Brewing the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea takes patience and skill. Tea lovers who can perfect this skill will be able to accomplish just about anything! Read our guide below to master the art of brewing loose leaf tea so you can enjoy a hot cuppa of fresh Dilmah tea!

What is Loose Leaf?

Whole loose-leaf tea leaves from Dilmah are packed at source, which maintains the freshness and purity of its origin. Packed in airtight containers at source, they provide you with a more aromatic, flavourful brew that’s full of antioxidants.

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea with An Infuser

Infusers are a common item in every tea lover’s household. Infusers are an easy, convenient way to brew a fresh cup of tea without any hassle. Just add your desired number of teaspoons into the infuser and add the right amount of water (check out our guide below). Once the tea has brewed, pour directly into your cup and enjoy!

Buy Dilmah’s Effortless Tea Infuser, Thetiere or the Leaf Tea Infuser to make your tea with ease!

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea In A Teapot

If your tea accessories are limited to a teapot and teacup, ensure you brew your tea in a porcelain pot. Add your desired amount of tea leaves (as per the guide below) to a pot of hot water and let it brew in the tea pot for the recommended amount of time. Once brewed to perfection, pour the tea into a cup over a tea strainer and enjoy your cup of hot, freshly brewed Dilmah tea!

How to brew the perfect cup of tea

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