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Tea Inspired Christmas Recipes to Make at Home

Tea Inspired Christmas Recipes to Make at Home

Tea Inspired Christmas Recipes to Make at Home

Christmas is not just a celebration, it’s a feeling! We’ve selected some of our best Christmas teas that stir the nostalgia of the season to bring you tea inspired Christmas recipes in food, drinks and pairings!

While Christmas is all about tradition, our Dilmah Ambassadors from around the world decided to spread the joy of the season with a few traditional Christmas recipes but with a tea inspired twist! Regardless of if you’re searching for Christmas afternoon tea recipes or tea party recipes – our teas are ready to brew you away from brunch to dinner.

Here’s our guide to a tea inspired Christmas at home, from tea recipes to tea glaze, and unbelievable tea inspired culinary magic!

1.Vegan Eggnog Recipe by Mixologist, Alberto Pizzaro

It’s two surprises in one eggnog: one, it’s vegan and two, it’s chai, made with Dilmah Ceylon Spice Chai.

  2.Tea Glazed Ham Recipe by Chef, Peter Kuruvita

This is not your ordinary seasonal glaze - it’s THE glaze, a tea glaze that’s complex with an element of zest that elevates the Ham! Made with Dilmah Lively Lime and Orange Fusion.

3.Pairing: Dilmah Elderflower, Cinnamon and Apple paired with Christmas Bread & Almond Paste

All you have to do is brew a cup of Dilmah Elderflower, Cinnamon and Apple for 4 minutes at 95°C, and simply pour it into a cup! Indulge in this brew with Christmas bread and almond paste filling.

4.Cheese & Tea Pairing by Cheese Connoisseur, Betty Koster

If you’re throwing a christmas tea party or even a Christmas dinner – cheese platters are a crowd favourite, but here’s how adding tea inspiration can enhance the flavour and texture of cheese to sleigh you on a merry taste journey! What’s best? You don’t need many teas. Here’s what Betty Koster assures you can experience when you pair our Dilmah Moroccan Mint Green Tea with Brie de Meaux, Délice de Bourgogne, Monte Enebro, Old Gouda Cheese and Gorgonzola Dolce.

-  Brie de Meaux: This raw milk, French farmstead brie, has a refreshingly balanced combination.

- Délice de Bourgogne: A triple cream cheese from the Burgundy region in France. With the tea, it tastes like panna cotta with a hint of mint, moulding it to be a dessert of its own.

- Monte Enebro:  Cleanse your palette with this Spanish pasteurised goat milk cheese, matured in ashes and blue mould. A hit of chalky and earthy tones pop up when paired with the tea.

- Old Gouda Cheese : This Dutch cheese is matured for 15 months. It brings up rich and sweet flavours in the cheese when paired with the tea, with no remnants of saltines, despite its age.

- Gorgonzola Dolce: A beautiful, sweet and fresh Moroccan Mint Green Tea cheese

Feeling Tea Inspired? Get started today! 


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