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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Mother Every Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Mother Every Day

Mothers are our unsung heroes; they truly give us their all without expecting anything in return, and we often take that for granted. Of course, we appreciate everything she does for us, but we don’t take enough time to actually celebrate her. Instead of showering her with Mother’s Day gifts and birthday surprises, show her how much you care every day. 

Here are five lovely ways to celebrate the most important woman in your life, every day. 

Make Her a Cup of Tea 

There is nothing more comforting than a mother’s embrace, but a close second would be a warm cup of Ceylon Tea. If your mother is an avid tea drinker, one of the best ways of showing your appreciation is by making her a cup of tea. A cup of tea may not seem like much, but it represents so much more. A cup of tea is a symbol of warmth, comfort, and love - and making her a cuppa, without her having asked, is a unique way of saying ‘I love you’. 

If you want to try something a little more special than a regular cup of tea, you can always make her traditional teas from around the world. A very popular option is chai tea, which is a black tea infused with aromatic spices and is widely consumed in India. Here is a chai tea recipe for you to follow to make your chai from scratch.

Make Every Day a Little Easier

A little thing can go a long way, and an excellent way to make your mum’s day a little better and easier is having some excellent teaware. From vibrantly coloured teapots to sleekly designed infusers, our collection of Dilmah teaware is exceptional. If your mother is a tea connoisseur, a wonderful gift would be this set of Tea Timers. Timing is crucial when it comes to the perfect cuppa, and these timers will ensure your mum never has a subpar cup of tea!

Cook Her a Delicious Tea-Infused Meal 

Instead of gifting a birthday or Mother’s Day hamper, give your mum something from the heart, and nothing will make her feel more loved than a home-cooked meal. From a luxurious breakfast to a quick snack, we have several tea-infused recipes. Here are two wonderful recipes to make for your mum. 

This English Breakfast Cured Ocean Trout is a lovely versatile dish that is infused with English Breakfast tea and that can be enjoyed throughout the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea of course! This dish will certainly be a labour of love as it takes nine hours to prepare, but your mum will be so touched when you present her with the completed dish!

Another option would Black Pepper and Turmeric Poached Chicken Breast Consommé. Enriched with the flavour and goodness of Red Rooibos, Mango, Ginger, Turmeric with Black Pepper, this dish is both delicious and healthy. 

Treat Her to an Afternoon Tea

Taking your mum out for afternoon tea is a very popular Mother’s Day activity. While it is lovely to dress up and go out to celebrate this special occasion, afternoon tea does not always have to be an elaborate affair. Instead, throw her an afternoon tea party at home for her and her friends! You can go the traditional route and serve Ceylon Tea in delicate bone china or swap it for something more unorthodox and serve pitchers of long island iced tea! We have numerous Tea Inspired afternoon tea recipe ideas, but one of the most popular ones is this Spiced Chai Apple and Rhubarb Crumble with Dilmah Earl Grey Custard Tea.

Let Her Relax

We all know that our mothers are incredible. She can effortlessly juggle work, life, and everything in between, and still have time to check up on us to see how we’re doing. With everything she can do in one day, it is needless to say that she probably doesn’t get the rest she so rightly deserves. To help her unwind and rest, give her a collection of herbal infusions. From calming Chamomile to refreshing Peppermint, these herbal infusions are (ironically) one of the best tea gifts to give your mother.

Ultimately, our mothers deserve the world and more, and while we may not be able to do that, we must strive to celebrate her every day. Show her how much you care by showering her with love and kindness- with a little help from Dilmah- today!

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