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Wondering What to Buy Next?

Wondering What to Buy Next?

Wondering What to Buy Next?

Before you get started on shopping for teas and infusions, did you know that tea is the only beverage in the world that is both therapeutic and pleasurable. From an energetic morning cup of tea, to a calming herbal brew to lull you to sleep, at Dilmah we have the perfect cuppa to match any time of the day, and any mood too. As writer Catherine Donzel once said, ‘Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage’ and we’ve got the brews to get you through the day, month and possibly the upcoming year!

Breakfast Goals

It goes without saying that Black Tea champions morning and can complete a perfect breakfast! Why? Black tea has the right amount of Caffeine (15-60mg) and L-Theanine to soothe any nerves, two compounds that can help you start your day. Further, it stands out for its strength, character and ability to be enjoyed straight or with milk. Finally many variations of Black Tea enables every type of tea lover to start their day right: Variety in black teas range from Dilmah’s Premium Ceylon Tea, English Breakfast, and other flavoured teas, from fruity to floral - the options seem endless! The tea we’d recommend is something that makes you feel alive. Based on our top consumer picks, here’s what we recommend: Earl Grey, Extra Strength or Brilliant Breakfast.

Afternoon Madness

Stay sane in the afternoon - or at least feel like it with the right cuppa. We recommend a brew that is bright and medium in strength, something like our English Afternoon tea. If you’re a sweet tooth, your ideal match would be our Ceylon Tea with Chocolate and Mint from the Dilmah VIVID selection or a Rooibos tea. Based on aromatherapy, Dilmah’s herbal infusions can enhance your mood as it brings to brew natural ingredients such as our Tangerine, Rose and Grapefruit infusion to help you feel ecstatic, or our Chocolate, Turmeric, Ginger & Almond infusion to help you feel revived! If you still feel uncertain? Keep it savoury and sweet with our Dilmah Uda Watte Tea, it is an artful combination savoury, fruity and strong yet not brooding.

Post-Dinner Brews

Dinner invites the gentleness of green tea, the Silver Jubilee Gourmet – Moroccan Mint Green Tea; an aromatic blend of young Hyson green tea and peppermint leaves make a naturally uplifting cuppa and works great as an after dinner digestif. If you find yourself inclined towards a dessert tea, our Rose with French Vanilla Tea from the Exceptional Range hits the spot without a doubt - sometimes, even before you take a sip - this fragrant black tea with rose and a touch of vanilla is a sophisticated and romantic tea to brew into the night.

Brews for a Good Night’s Rest

Night time calls for caffeine-free options. While Dilmah does offer decaffeinated black tea, consider chamomile tea or peppermint tea. Dilmah’s herbal teas consist of pure chamomile flowers and pure peppermint leaves, although they’re referred to as teas, our herbal infusions do not contain tea and this ensures it’s caffeine free and therefore, it makes for a great non-alcoholic nightcap! Choose to go to sleep with either the floral fragrance and taste of chamomile flowers or feel refreshed with the menthol aroma from pure peppermint leaves.

Ultimately, regardless of whether it is a tea or infusion, both brews contain compounds that benefit one’s health, including the possibility of boosting your immunity. Therefore, when deciding which brew to shop for next – pick the tea or infusion you think suits your mood and taste preferences.
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