If you are a tea enthusiast what better way to indulge thoroughly than with exclusive Dilmah accessories that enhance your tea experience even more. Pick and choose from the available branded accessories to make your tea time even more special

9 Products

  1. t-Series Thetiere Plunger
    • New

    t-Series Thetiere Plunger

    • t-Series Tea Pot
      • New

      t-Series Tea Pot

      • t-Series t-Mug & Saucer
        • New

        t-Series t-Mug & Saucer

        • Breakfast Cup 375ml

          Breakfast Cup 375ml

          • Dilmah Craighead Cup and Saucer
            • New

            Dilmah Craighead Cup and Saucer

            • Porcelain Tea Pot, Melton (400ml)
              • New

              Porcelain Tea Pot, Melton (400ml)


              9 Products

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